Sunday, March 8, 2009

Cropping and Editing your barrel horse and rodeo horse pictures

Getting a good shot of your horse for sale is a big part of selling your horse. Another part is getting rid of the person waving their arms trying to get the horses ears forward in the picture or to get the dog running past out of the picture. There is a great online cropping and editing program I thought I would share with you. It is called "Picnik" at
Its pretty straight forward to use, but you could go to YouTube and search picnik resizing, picnik cropping or just picknik and get some really great "how to" videos. In the example picture I made above, I'm just showing you the neat things you can do...I should have done a better job of cropping in this particular picture, but the point was you can do more than just crop and resize with picnik.

It is a good idea to make your digital pictures smaller before emailing them off to prospective buyers so you don't back up their email. It is also more professional.

If you would like a cool free program you can download to your computer and use offline I highly recommend Irfanview.
Here is a link to an older post where I show you how to use Irfanview, I cropping tool I use every day with a YouTube video that I made. I'm pretty sure I don't really sound like that!?

Enjoy cropping and resizing those pictures!


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